Getting Started

Congratulations on your new Atlas 500 Road!
Inside the box contains three items:
  • Atlas 500 Road
  • Handlebar Mount
  • USB Charging Cable

Charging the Battery

Charge the Atlas 500 Road using the USB charging cable provided. A flashing green light will appear indicating charging.

When all three green lights are no longer flashing the Atlas 500 Road is fully charged.

Light Modes and Operation

There are four light modes available:

  • Ambient Sensor Mode (automatically adjusts brightness to ambient lighting)
  • Steady High
  • Steady Low
  • Flash

Press the button to turn on the Atlas 500 Road. The light will begin in Ambient Sensor Mode.

With each press and click of the button, the Atlas 500 Road will switch to the next light mode:

Steady High  →  Steady Low  →  Flash

To turn off the Atlas 500 Road, press and hold the button for 2 seconds.

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