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I've lost my battery or charger. Can I purchase a replacement?

Yes, all newer Gemini Lights batteries and chargers work interchangeably with previous generation lights. Visit our online store or find a local Gemini Lights dealer to find a battery that suits you.

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Can I use my light with a bigger battery?

Yes, you can. As a general rule of thumb you can always upgrade to a larger Wh battery than what your light originally came with. The runtime will be extended by factoring the Wh rating of the battery pack.
2-Cell Battery 30Wh  →  4-Cell Battery 60Wh = 2x increased runtime 
4-Cell Battery 38Wh  →  8-Cell Battery 77Wh = 2x increased runtime
We don't recommend downsizing your battery, e.g. using the Titan 4000 OLED with the 2-Cell Battery 30Wh. Operating a higher wattage light with a lower rated battery may exceed the current limits of the battery, causing overheating and trigger the protection feature to kick in. 

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Will my charger work internationally?

Yes, your charger comes standard with universal voltage 100-240V. This means it'll work worldwide.

All you'll need is a travel adapter to fit the outlet type.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

2020+ Models

The USB Charger 10W will fast charge your lithium ion battery to 90% and follow with a slow trickle charge for the remaining 10%. The five LED indicators on the battery's onboard fuel gauge will show the charge level. The charging time up to 90% is stated below for the USB Charger 10W.

2-Cell Battery 30Wh – 5 hours
4-Cell Battery 60Wh – 10 hours
2016 – 2019 Models
For optimal health, the Smart Charger 15W will fast charge your lithium ion battery to 95% and follow with a slow trickle charge for the remaining 5%. When the battery is fully charged, the Smart Charger's indicator will turn from red to green.
Charging time from fully discharged state
2-Cell Battery 19Wh – 2 hours
4-Cell Battery 38Wh – 4 hours
6-Cell Battery 58Wh – 6 hours
8-Cell Battery 77Wh – 8 hours

Can I leave my battery charging overnight?

Yes, you can leave your battery charging overnight.

Our batteries and chargers have built-in safety features to allow you to charge care-free. For long-term storage we recommend maintaining a charge of 50% before storing in a cool, dry place.

I ran my battery flat. Will it be compromised?

Nope, your battery will be just fine. Our batteries are meant to be care-free. So charge and use as needed!

However, if storing away for long-term we recommend leaving a 50% charge in the battery before storing in a cool, dry place. Your battery will thank you for it! 🙏🏼

How long will my battery last?

In ideal conditions, your battery will retain 80% of its original capacity after 400-500 charge and discharge cycles. So this means if you're using your Gemini Light twice a week, every week of the year, your battery should last 4-5 years.
When capacity degrades to 80% of its original capacity, it's time for a new battery.

Pro tip: Store your battery in cool, dry conditions at a 50% charge for optimal health.

How do I store the battery long-term?

To prolong the health of your battery, try to maintain a 50% charge level before placing away in long-term storage. Make sure you unplug the light from the battery and store in a cool, dry place.

For ideal hibernating conditions, a storage temperature of 15°C or 59°F is just dreamy.

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