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Why has my light stopped working?

We're sorry to hear your light isn’t working properly. 

Diagnosing the issue with your light can be a little tricky without the right testing equipment available. Three main components are needed for your light to operate normally – light, battery and charger. If you have access to a spare Gemini Lights set you can try diagnosing the issues by a process of elimination. Swap each component one by one to find the problem.
If you don't have access to another Gemini Lights set, you'll likely have to send it in for repair or replacement.
Within One-Year Warranty
If your light was purchased from our online store and is still under warranty, submit a warranty request below. Upload images to help describe your issue. A dated proof of purchase is also required to process your claim.
If your light was purchased from another retailer and is still under warranty, please contact the retailer for an exchange or parts replacement under warranty.
Out of Warranty
We also provide out-of-warranty service and repair for a fee. The service and repair fee includes diagnostics, servicing, hardware replacements and return postage. Please note, we're unable to repair batteries due to battery restrictions in airline transportation.
Our mail-in address for out-of-warranty service:
Gemini Lights (RMA XXXX)
300-1095 McKenzie Ave
Victoria, BC V8P 2L5
Please contact Customer Support to submit a service and repair request.

Why isn't my wireless remote working?

The wireless remote is powered by a CR2032 3V lithium battery and it could be that it's run out of juice. We recommend the first step in troubleshooting is to replace the battery. The CR2032 3V lithium battery is commonly found in hardware and retail stores.
To replace the battery use a small Philips screwdriver to remove the four corner screws underneath the remote. Remove the cover to access the circuit board. Replace the CR2032 battery and reassemble. After that you should be good to go! 😀
If problems still persist after replacing the CR2032 battery, please contact Customer Support.

Contact Customer Support

Why is my light automatically dimming?

The dimming is a thermal protection feature built into the light.
All Gemini Lights require constant airflow in order to dissipate the generated heat from the high-powered the LEDs. Without adequate airflow, the light can heat up quickly and the thermal sensors in the light will trigger a low power mode. In the low power mode, the light cools down rapidly and will revert back to the original mode in just a few minutes.
If you're encountering the thermal protection feature often, there are a few things you can try:
  • In low airflow situations (e.g. uphill climbs or resting), power down the light to Low or Medium. Reserve the High mode for the quick descents.
  • Program the light to suit your needs in low airflow situations. The default modes Low-Med-High are set to 10-50-100% power levels. Try programming the power levels to 10-50-80%.

Why is my runtime so short in the winter?

The performance of a battery drops drastically in cold weather. In -20°C or -4°F temperatures, you can expect a degradation of 50% capacity comparatively to 20°C or 68°F ambient temperature.
If you're often in the cold of winter, you can always carry an extra battery with you to extend runtime.

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I received a charger for a different country?

We're sorry to hear you've received the wrong charger version. There are a few online retailers that sell our lights internationally and are stocked from a particular distributor. As a result, you may have received a UK charger version.
The good news is our chargers come standard with universal voltage, meaning your charger will work anywhere in the world. You can use a travel adapter to fit your outlet type.
Alternatively, you may purchase a replacement charger that suits your outlet type.
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