We're sorry to hear your light isn’t working properly. πŸ™

Diagnosing the issue with your light can be a little tricky without the right testing equipment available. Three main elements are needed for your light to operate normally – light, battery and charger. If you have access to a spare Gemini Lights set you can try diagnosing the issues by a process of elimination. Swap each component one by one with the other set to see where the problem lies.

If you don't have access to another Gemini Lights set, you'll likely have to send it in for repair or replacement.

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Within One-Year Warranty

If your light was purchased from us please contact our Customer Support Team.

Contact Customer Support Team

If your light was purchased from another retailer, please contact the retailer for an exchange or replacement. Gemini Lights retailers have replacement parts available through distribution.

Outside of One-Year Warranty

We do provide out-of-warranty service for a fee. The service and repair fee includes diagnostics, servicing, hardware replacements and return postage.

Iris 180 Lumens – $40USD / $50CAD
Xera 800 Lumens – $60USD / $80CAD
Xera 950 Lumens – $60USD / $80CAD
Duo 1400 Lumens – $60USD / $80CAD
Duo 1500 Lumens – $60USD / $80CAD
Olympia 1800 Lumens – $80USD / $100CAD
Olympia 2100 Lumens – $80USD / $100CAD
Titan 4000 Lumens – $80USD / $100CAD

Xera 800 Lamp Head – $40USD / $50CAD
Xera 800 Lamp Head – $40USD / $50CAD
Duo 1400 Lamp Head – $40USD / $50CAD
Duo 1500 Lamp Head – $40USD / $50CAD
Olympia 1800 Lamp Head – $60USD / $80CAD
Olympia 2100 Lamp Head – $60USD / $80CAD
Titan 4000 Lamp Head - $60USD / $80CAD

Please note, we're unable to repair batteries due to battery restrictions in airline transportation.

Our mail-in address for out-of-warranty service:

Gemini Lights
300-1095 McKenzie Ave
Victoria, BC V8P 2L5

Please contact our Customer Support Team to obtain an RMA number before sending in your Gemini Light.

Contact Customer Support Team

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